Woke Bear

Desirae Monique aka 'woke bear'

  • Fitness & Mindfulness influencer 

  • Lover of Good Vibes



Desirae Monique began her fitness journey 10 years ago when she fell in love with the practice of yoga. As a runner and dancer, she found yoga to be a perfect marriage of mind-body-breath that complimented her other forms of physical training. After completing six marathons and developing chronic knee pain, Des devoted herself to the practice of yoga and eventually went on to receive her Bachelors in Yoga and Meditation.

Desirae's admiration of fitness led her to step into the world of bodybuilding and competing. She dove deep into weightlifting, something she had only tried a few times before, and absolutely fell in love. Lifting weights mirrored her regular sitting meditation practice in helping her gain mental clarity. The positive relationship towards her body and mind she had cultivated through training intensely and meditating everyday changed her life. Des stepped on the competition stage in 2015, and began to grow her following on IG as a fitness and mindfulness influencer.

Working out and staying physically active has seem to be an integral part of Desirae's life for as long as she can remember. She aspires to share her years of passion for training and meditation for as long as she possibly can. Studying for her MS in Exercise Physiology (Human Movement Science), she developed Get Fit Stay Woke, her personalised training and mindfulness programs. Her hope is to make a positive impact in all of her clients' lives, as her own journey towards health and wellbeing did for her.